Sneak Peek & Critique

Sneak Peek & Critique events enable ringers to sight-read works by independent publishers and then provide feedback to the composer / arranger. These can be standalone events or be part of other events, such as Read & Rings. They can help composers and arrangers finalize and market their works and you get a sneak peek into what will soon be available for purchase.

(for attendees)

(for publishers)

How it works

Vreana facilitates communication among organizers, independent publishers, and attendees via the following process:

  • Collect submissions from independent publishers

  • Watermark submissions for temporary use and forward them to organizers with notes from independent publishers

  • Collect feedback from attendees and forward said feedback to independent publishers

Ways to participate

As an organizer

  • Familiarize yourself with the Sneak Peek & Critique process below and request sheet music when you're ready to host an event

  • Note that your choir(s) will need to be able to sight-read at least level 3 music and be familiar enough with handbell sheet music to be able to provide useful feedback

  • Let us know of ongoing events that can be added to this site

As a ringer

  • Attend the event(s) and provide feedback

As an independent publisher

  • Submit one or more works on which you'd like feedback

Ongoing events

Event process (for organizers)

Thank you for hosting a Sneak Peek & Critique (SPC) event! Below you will find a guide for how to direct this event.

1) Contact Vreana at least 2 weeks prior to the event to request the SPC packet. You will receive the packet at least 3 days prior to the event. The number of works provided will vary depending on how many works are submitted by independent publishers. If you have a time limit, please only request the number of works you will be able to review. Note that each work will be missing at least one page; this ensures that the copies are not used for rehearsals or performances.

2) Distribute the packet, either by

a) forwarding the PDF to attendees who will then print the sheet music themselves or display it on a tablet, or

b) printing copies to be distributed to attendees at the event.

3) Before sight-reading the work, read the composer notes aloud to give ringers and the director a heads-up about certain sections of the work.

4) After sight-reading the work, allow a few minutes for attendees to make notes about the work (or submit feedback via the feedback form on the SPC page immediately).

5) At the conclusion of the event, remind attendees to submit feedback via the feedback form on the SPC page if they have not already done so, or, collect written feedback and submit it yourself via the form.

Optional) If you are able to record the session, please work with Vreana to make the audio/video available to the publishers!

Note: lack of sufficient feedback received in a timely manner will result in less support from Vreana at your future events. Please respect the efforts of independent publishers.