What we're about


Vreana's mission is to provide a platform for self-publishing composers and arrangers to market their works.


Vreana's vision is to further the art of handbell ringing by removing roadblocks that restrict creative expression.

What we can do for you

For Directors

Vreana provides a centralized resource for directors to gain access to independent publishers' works.

For more information, check out the For Directors page!

For Publishers

Vreana provides a marketing platform for independent publishers as well as resources for independent publishers to help further their hobby or career.

For more information, check out the For Publishers page!

Why we do what we do

Supporting independent publishers

One service that traditional publishers provide is marketing. With extensive reach throughout the handbell community, they are able to successfully market their music.

Independent publishers must rely on their personal contacts, social media, and word-of-mouth. For composers and arrangers who are just starting their hobby or career in self-publishing, marketing can be a serious barrier to entry.

Vreana strives to eliminate this roadblock by offering services that enable independent publishers to market their own music.

Supporting the handbell community

By enabling and encouraging the independent publisher community to grow, doors are opened that traditional publishers keep closed.

Traditional publishers publish what they think will sell. Independent publishers have the freedom to publish anything and everything!

Vreana focuses on informing the handbell community of these not-so-common or experimental works by independent publishers. This introduces innovation into the handbell community.

How you can support us

Vreana is currently a free service, because we believe keeping marketing costs low or, in our case, nonexistent for independent publishers will encourage growth in the industry. Vreana is not set up to receive donations at this time. However, all profits from sales of sheet music by Mareike Davis and merchandise from Vreana's Redbubble and HandbellMart's Redbubble directly fund Vreana.